12 Poisons We Guarantee You Have Used Today… This Will Shock You!

When at the store I am constantly checking labels, and 80% of the time I put the item back on the shelf in disgust! I go to the health food store and buy organic because I refuse to use, or eat a package of poisonous chemical soup, which is what a lot of ingredients we are eating, and using are today. Little, or no policing is required for products containing toxins that millions of people will put on their bodies, use in their home or eat! Other than the tests the companies who are in a conflict of interest do themselves. Other countries are banning  a lot of these chemicals. When are we going to wake up? Here is a list from the video of the top 12 toxic chemicals found in our homes we guarantee you have used in one product or another.


1. Propylene Glycol, Butlylene Glycol, and Ethylene Glycol
Found In: Anti freeze, facial cleaners, shampoos, toothpastes, deodorants.
Surprising Fact:  May cause brain, liver & kidney malfunction yet 1/3 of beauty and personal care products contain them. Strong enough to remove barnacles from boats! Used also in ice cream and cookies to keep them soft.

2. Sodium Hydroxide
Found In: Pipe cleaner, toothpastes, soaps, and facial cleansers.
Surprising Fact: This is a POISON, caustic soda lime

3. Sodium Laurel Sulfate, or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Laureth Sulfate
Found In: Engine degreasers, shaving cream, shampoo, strong detergents
Surprising Fact: They are in 90% of beauty products that foam, bubble bath, accumulate in the body especially unborn and children, depression, eye damage, skin irritation, even death.

Found In: Shampoos, soaps, hair dyes, shaving products, and sunscreens
Surprising Fact: Hormone disrupting chemicals with ties to cancer.  They are restricted in Europe yet used freely in the U.S. EPA says repeat use is linked to liver, kidney, and breast cancer.

5. Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
Found In: Skin care products
Surprising Fact: Cancer causing, reduces skins natural moisture and actually ages skin. The higher the PEG the more toxic.

Found In:  Shampoos, Soaps, Bubble Baths, and Facial Cleansers
Surprising Fact: Releases formaldehyde causes cancer.

7. Mineral Oil:
Found In: Baby oil, petroleum jelly, etc.
Surprising Fact: Petroleum product that coats the skin like plastic wrap, 100% of baby oil, is mineral oil.

8. Triclosan
Found In: Synthetic Antibacterial hand cleaners
Surprising Fact: The EPA registers it as a  pesticide, chemical structure similar to agent orange!

9. Parabens 
Found In: Used in cosmetics as a preservative
Surprising Fact: Hormone disrupting chemicals, possible endocrine disrupter.

10. Isoproply Alcohol
Found In: Alcohol swabs, hand sanitizer, wipes
Surprising Fact: Causes brown spots on the skin, ages and dries the skin promoting wrinkles.

11. FD&C Color Pigments
Found In: cosmetics, and skin care products
Surprising Fact: Synthetic color pigments from coal tar, toxic.

12. Fragrances
Found In: Many cosmetics,  fragrance, shampoo, skin care products
Surprising Fact: They may contain up to 4000 chemical ingredients. Animal urine is largely used in many fragrances, can trigger allergic reactions.

Nothing speaks louder to the manufacturer than when consumers refuse to buy their product because it is a liability, or could cut into their profits. So please speak up, share this article with your family and friends, and bring awareness to others so they stay safe and healthy.