A Frail Old Husky Gets Miracle Working Water Therapy

We have all heard of dogs who will stand by their owners to the end, and owners who would do anything for their beloved pets. This is one of those stories unfolding right before our eyes. One day Kane’s two back legs suddenly seemed to painfully stiffen up and he stopped being able to move around on them. He is too old for surgery, and pain medication doesn’t take all the pain away. So his owners decided to try water therapy, and within a couple days of the therapy Kane was up and about with a little help at times.

It is wonderful to watch how with love and care the dog recovers, and that the owner would not just quickly give up on him and euthanize him. Instead he stands by him ready to care for him and do whatever was needed to keep him as comfortable as possible, while enjoying and loving him through to the end of his life. Many people and animals do not have a great quality of life or quantity of days left in their lives but if we show them as much love as possible, during the time they do have that is what really matters. The older and more fragile a person or animal becomes the more precious they are, because we just never know how long we will be blessed with their presence and every moment of life is a gift given by God. That is why it is so important to cherish every moment with loved ones. We hope Kane continues to get relief from the water therapy, is around for a long while, and continues to bless his owner with the unconditional love they both share.