Husband Surprises His Wife After He Tracks Down And Buys Back Her Childhood Camper

15 Years ago Police Captain Thomas A. Craig died in a tragic car accident, leaving behind a loving family and some beautiful memories. Karis, Thomas’s daughter used to really enjoy and cherish camping with her dad and family. However after his death the family stopped using their camper and eventually gave it away. After Karis told Micah her husband about the sweet childhood memories she had with her family while camping, Micah secretly set out to find the lost family treasure that their camper was to them. This video is so heartwarming to watch as Micah shares the details of tracking it down and giving it to his overjoyed wife. What Micah does for his wife Karis is nothing short of the most loving, considerate, and kind hearted gestures we have seen yet. We were so glad to see this happy ending, even if we had to get the tissues.