How To Make Self Confidence A Legacy For Your Family.

This is such a powerful message for all people who would like to be more confident. For parents especially, it’s hard to keep in mind all the time that our kids are watching us, picking up on our attitudes, our likes, and dislikes as well. Whether we parents love, and accept ourselves or not. Often our children resemble us, as the saying goes, the apple don’t fall far from the tree is so true. That’s why our self talk is important, our kids form their opinions by what we model, even about ourselves.

Children truly do inherit our values and attitudes. The key to leaving behind a great legacy is to accept, and love yourself unconditionally for the unique, beautiful creation you are. Just make the decision to love, and be happy with who you are. That attitude, and love will ripple outward getting passed down, from generation to generation! Now that is a beautiful legacy!