Homeless Teen Finds His Biological Sister, Then This Story Gets Even Better!

Empty and alone is how Seth Miller felt when he was homeless and without a family. He had been put up for adoption as a toddler. When the adoption failed it left him painfully scarred and he ended up back in foster care. He aged out of the foster care system at 18, and found himself homeless, and living out of his car.

Things began to turn around for Seth when a news aid story caused Seth and his biological sister to be reunited. Suddenly Seth had the one thing he yearned for, and so many take for granted, a sibling. The family his sister had been adopted by fell in love with Seth, and within no time claimed him as their own. Even going so far as to make it legal. Seth took the families name and became Logan Hunt upon entering into the family. He says it feels right and we are so happy this young man now has family, and a forever home full of people who love him. Congratulations Logan!