Home Alone A 3 Yr Old’s Mom Had A Seizure, What He Did Will Touch Your Heart And Amaze!

When 3 year old Guy Fritzche’s mother had a seizure for the first time in 7 years this little guy took action. He knew from being told in the past exactly what to do. The little guy picked up the phone called 911 and just calmly took care of business. When you listen to the tape the sweetest little voice informs the operator of her symptoms and what is going on. This should really drive home the importance of preparedness for children and parents to talk about what to do in the case of an emergency. When a person knows what to do they are less likely to panic because they know exactly what action to take to help others. The fire department has honored little Guy with a red hat, a toy, and a tour for his heroic deed. Makes you wonder if this boy has begun a bright career as a future fire man.