Hollywood Legend Mickey Rooney Tells Congress His Story Of Suffering Abuse For Years In Silence.

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney acted in 200 movies, and he was such a huge name that he helped launch Elizabeth Taylor’s career. So when we hear statistics like 1 in every 7 seniors are abused we generally would never have thought someone as famous as Mickey Rooney would be a victim for years. The statistics are staggering, and it only goes to prove it can happen to anyone if it could happen to him. Each year up to 3.5 million Americans suffer from being abused, neglected, and even exploited by those very people who they are supposed to be able to depend on and trust. All those seniors suffering in silence is a hauntingly sad reality. Living in fear of retaliation, and being in such a vulnerable position only 1 out of every 6 actually ever gets reported.

Mickey Rooney finally was able to take a stand against his abusers. He had been bullied to the point of being very traumatized. When he addressed congress in 2014 and shared his story it brought attention to the issue at the time. He begged them to step up and take action against elder abuse. Obviously we are far from having the problem solved much more needs to be done, and that is why we are shining a light on this issue now. Elder abuse is a violation of a person’s basic Human Rights, and should not be tolerated in any society. Senior’s are precious, they deserve respect, and have a Right to life, dignified treatment, and care.

According to the Administration on Aging there are visible signs people who suspect abuse can watch for such as bruises, broken bones, signs of neglect like dirty clothes, they smell bad, or have bad hygiene, weight loss, bed sores, depression, sadness or anger, withdrawn, fearful, tense, or strained interactions between the elder and their caregiver, sudden dwindling finances. If you have been a victim, or suspect someone is being abused, do not suffer in silence ask for help. You can learn more at AOA.gov or call 1-800-677-1116.