Her Newborn Baby Brother Started Crying, So This Big Sister Did The Most Adorable Thing Ever!

Many times when people look back, and reflect on their lives, they say that some of the most important, and memorable moments were like the ones in this video.

It is often the little things in life that matter the most, such as the sweet moments of a family sharing their unconditional love for each other, especially after the birth of a new baby in the family. This big sister singing to her new baby brother is a precious moment, not only for the parents but for all watching. The sweet innocent love between siblings is such a beautiful thing to watch. Its easy to see this little girl is going to be such a great sister. The way the baby turns to her, and quiets down at her singing is so cute, it’s like he is encouraging her to keep on singing. This is definitely one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!