He Was Upset That A Grandmother Was Homeless & Sleeping In The Dirt, So He Did Something Awesome!

Over 10 years ago, 60 year old Irene McGee lost her husband, and if that wasn’t bad enough she later lost her home. After she had been homeless and living on the streets. When Elvis Summers saw her sleeping in the dirt, his heart went out to her. Recognizing her inherent worth as a human being, as someones mother, and grandmother he knew she deserved better. So out of the goodness of his heart he took it upon himself to ask Irene if he could build her a little house. Irene was so excited, she asked when she could move in. Elvis built it for her, and Irene was so happy to have a roof over her head she was finally able to sleep a peaceful night for the first time in years. Now without having to worry about shelter Irene can concentrate on trying to find a job, and move forward with her life. What Elvis did was truly kind, and he has set a great example for others, but it’s easy to see he has discovered the joy, and rewards that giving to those in need brings.