He Has Been Helping Widows & Single Mums Fix Their Cars, Now He’s Getting Rewarded!

Kim Miracle calls Robert Long, “one of the most selfless men I have ever met.” Robert has been going about his community helping single mums, and widows in whatever way he can. Robert has primarily helped them with car repairs, which for a single parent, or widow can be extremely difficult to manage or afford. Robert has been a single parent so he knows the challenges they face, and has generously stepped into the gap to help those he knows really need it.

We here at faithreel love what he is doing, and are so happy to see this thoughtful man being recognized for his kindness, and becoming the recipient of pay it forward. We hope this story has inspired others to pitch in, and join his efforts, or create your own. We also wanted to share Robert has had others generously join in and help him namely, Josh Walterhouse, and Freddy Evett. We all have talents to contribute that can help others, and when we share and help, that experience in itself is so satisfying. If anyone would like to help Robert he can be contacted by gmail at Lvruv7@gmail.com or messaged at his facebook page. Congratulations and well done Robert!