He Broke Off Their Wartime Engagement, Now 70 Yrs Later He’s Come Back For Her!

When Roy Vickerman was introduced to the class as the new boy, he found he only saw one girl out of all the other kids. He met his first love Nora Jackson that day, and he never forgot the moment their eyes met. Through the years their romance blossomed, Roy proposed before he went off to war in the 1940’s, and Nora happily accepted.

Roy a D-Day veteran, was wounded by a Nazi sniper, and returned home like many others suffering with PTSD. He found he just couldn’t cope, and broke off the engagement to Nora. The two went their separate ways, marrying, and having families, but never forgetting each other. After the death of his wife, Roy got help from his local radio station to find Nora. He discovered she lived only a couple miles away, and her husband had died also. When Roy showed up at Nora’s door she told him to just hold her, and the two haven’t let go of each other since. On Roy’s 90th birthday, he proposed again to Nora using the same ring he had given her 72 years ago. He had held onto it all those years, and now it is finally back where it belongs on Nora’s finger. The two are happily engaged, and are proof real love is an enduring force, that doesn’t diminish, and isn’t affected by time, or space. We’re very happy for this couple who are finally together after such a long wait, and we wish them all the best in their years to come!