Guy Rescues Hummingbird After An Attack, And Creates Amazing Friendship!

This guy’s gentle interaction with a baby hummingbird he rescued after it was attacked, and left to die, is so sweet and touching! It is rare to get to see a hummingbird in this way, because they usually fly at speeds of 30 up to 60 miles per hour, so these kinds of interactions just do not happen usually. The video is a great record of their friendship, the bird’s recovery, and upbringing by the young man after. The bird was extremely lucky to be found, and helped by this compassionate guy! I couldn’t help smile while watching, and was fascinated as he hand fed it fluids from a dropper.  He even went so far as foraging 3 times a day for flies from his compost, crushing them, and mixing it up for food for the bird. Realizing it would need to know how to fend for itself he became it’s parent, and taught it to fly, and how to catch bugs for itself.

The birds  instincts kicked in when it was ready, and he flew off to a favorite spot in his yard, then even migrated, and returned later to be just like one of the other hummingbirds in his yard. When it sits on him while he is sleeping it will pull at your heart strings in the sweetest way. He later described the experience, “as hectic, but very rewarding, and that it could not have worked out better.”