Gone Viral! The Real Reason Behind Why Moms Say They Can’t Get Anything Done.

While watching this two scenarios ran through my mind, clueless people who don’t understand how hard a mom works all day saying things like, “what do you do all day, you stay home with the baby?” Moms do so much! Moms work hard just to keep their kids safe, clean, fed, and their home looking normal. Next time someone asks a question like that please play this video for them. The other scenario is remember when your mom used to say things like, “you kids are just going right behind me messing, knock it off and pick up your stuff.” After watching this one realizes kids teach us unconditional love, patience, and not to worry about the small frustrations in life. Moms remember the end pay out for the thousands of small thankless jobs you do for your kids, is your child’s unconditional pure love, and that is priceless!