Gone Viral! Reba McEntire’s New Song, “Back To God” Is So Good It Gave Us Chills.

This song has gone viral and it illustrates how a lot of people are feeling right now. It’s almost like people are waking up to what is going on around them and realizing how bad some things have gotten. In the lyrics Reba McEntire is describing how in this troubled time we need to persist in prayer, and pray to God from the heart. It is important to realize God is love, He has given us free will and will not take that away from us. He wants us to love Him and come to Him freely not by force. However when we break His laws which are based on cause and effect there are consequences, and society as a whole has been reaping the painful consequences of moving away from God.

In a lot of places God has basically been shut out of North American society and that is part of the reason why we all are having so many problems. Having a strong moral belief system based on love, with Biblical guidelines helps direct a person’s conduct. In difficult times faith can be a great moral compass and a strong comfort. A lot of society in general has not been following His commandments which are basically sound moral teachings that everyone should be doing anyway. Such as not killing, stealing, accusing other people falsely etc. Even an atheist can agree we shouldn’t be doing those things.

When we take God who is all good out of our society evil rushes in to fill that void because it can. Evil flourishes and does all it can when left unchallenged by good people. People who do not believe there is evil in the world are not listening to the actual teachings of Jesus, he mentions there is a devil and hell several times in The Bible. Because people don’t believe there is evil they are not praying, but all one has to do is look around and you will see evil manifesting itself all over in the forms of lying, cheating, killing, and rape. There are only two sources of power in this world good, and evil, and those heinous acts are all fruits of evil! We battle evil by actively living and practicing our Christian faith, through love, doing good, and with prayer. Reba’s song has struck a chord with millions and is right on. As a society we need to return to God, humble ourselves by getting on our knees praying, and getting right with God. Then our society will begin to thrive, be peaceful and get better. We here at Faithreel.com are asking everyone who reads this to start praying more because it is just what this world needs right now and prayer is powerful Amen!