Gone Viral! A Maid Gets The Prank Of Her Life, Now See How She’s Got It Made!

When this very deserving single mom Cara Simmons gets pranked, by Prank it FWD her reactions are the best! Can you imagine showing up for work as a maid to clean someones home, and your work is put on the sideline because they start pampering you? You’re told to sit down, and taste test some of the finest, most delicious gourmet foods. You are given a massage, and decked out in designer clothes, and that is not all it gets even better. The ending of this video will bring a tear to your eye it is so wonderfully uplifting! We here at Faithreel.com encourage our readers to share this video to do good, because the more money this raises the more it will help others. To learn more check out the wonderful charity mentioned in the video, Do Something. Org.