She Was In The Pit Of Despair, Until This Awesome Christmas Miracle!

When we are most vulnerable in our darkest hour, is when the enemy loves to strike us hardest! His attack usually is almost always with fear, and doubt. Just like the woman in this video with, “what on earth am I going to do? I cannot afford to raise a child,” and so on. He tries to get us to doubt ourselves, and God. If God didn’t think we could handle responsibility, he would not have given us the gift of life. We should never make a hasty decision based on fear. That is how regrets are made!  Always wait it out till the fear clears, and you have thought things through, trust the lord, ask him for help, and he will provide. Sometimes God sends others to help us, especially when we are suffering.

When Postpartum Depression starts it can be emotionally brutal. A woman’s hormones are active, she is sleep deprived, exhausted, and unsure of herself, and now she has the responsibility of a new beautiful baby. Feeling overwhelmed, and suffering from Postpartum Depression is one of the hardest things a woman can go through.This woman had just had her baby two days before, when she was told she would not have a job to return to. If we wait on the Lord, trust his plan for us, and pray, things have a way of working out. This woman was going through an attack, the battle ground was her mind, body, and even her finances.

The way God turns it around is so beautiful! Only God can turn our worst, lowest moments into something amazing. Through this awesome experience the woman learns the value of helping others, as she has been helped. In the process she learns other lessons. This video was so touching it made me tear up. Simply beautiful!