Girl With Half A Face Was Horribly Bullied, Now She Tells Her Story!

Sarah Atwell decided she had put up with enough one night, and decided to fight back against the demeaning, abusive bullying she had been enduring. She fought back in a creative, constructive, and assertive way that left her empowered. Sarah is suffering with a tumor in her face, the condition is called Neurofibromatosis, and it has left half her face disfigured. Her vision blurs, she gets headaches, and has gone through numerous surgeries. She has suffered a great deal both physically, and emotionally. She has also had people inflict painful wounds on her. Her condition in the past has made her a visibly easy target for bullies, until now! As you will see from this video this girl is tired of being discriminated against, and has a powerful message for her bullies.

What Sarah is doing is brilliant! She is safely, nonviolently, confronting, educating, and shining light on her issue, which are the best ways of dealing with a bully. She is also enlisting support, and help from others to change peoples minds, and perceptions about her condition. She is challenging the bullies faulty thinking, and vicious behaviors with the truth, that she deserves the same respect everyone deserves. Bullies often think that by tearing down others, it makes them appear better, and more powerful than others. Nothing could be further from the truth! Tearing someone apart, and dragging them down only puts two people on the ground, and hurts all of us! When we help others up when they are down, we all rise up to a higher level.

Well done Sarah for being a great example to others, not stooping to their level and retaliating, but firmly standing your ground with dignity, and not letting anyone walk all over you.