Girl With Downs Syndrome Shares A Powerful Message!

Megan Bomgaars is a youth with Down Syndrome who is teaching the world how to treat people with Down Syndrome, or even any type of disability. Her powerful battle cry is, “don’t limit me.” In this video she is pointing out some wonderful facts people should be aware of, people with Down Syndrome should be given opportunities like everyone else, and not judged, limited, or sterotyped.

Meghan is a great example of what people with disabilities are very capable of doing. Sometimes they just need some accommodations, but remember so do a lot of other people! Among Megan’s accomplishment are making it to her State Cheer leading finals, she was a guest model at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s 2010 Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Jet Set Fashion Show, and she also won the 2008 National High School Spirit of Sport Award. Meghan’s message really is for everyone, if we are limited, and under estimated how will we ever achieve great things? So let’s not limit anyone, instead let’s set high expectations, and help each other reach them!