Girl Has Half Her Brain Removed In Miraculous Surgery. See What A Difference It Made!

The Mott family thought they had brought home a normal little girl. Then one day at age three Cameron had a violent seizure, and that was only the beginning. Cameron was later diagnosed with Rassmussens Syndrome. Medications were prescribed to no avail.

Her quality of life was slipping away, when hope came from a radical procedure being done at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. The thought of someone cutting away any part of a child’s brain is so shocking to some people it’s hard to believe it can be done, but doctors at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center found a way of restoring life to Cameron.

This little girl has an amazing story of victory! This child proves we should never give up on anyone, no matter the situation, God can work miracles. In a lot of cases I truly believe God uses doctors, and other people in our lives to deliver those miracles.