Great Dane Helps Little Girl With Disabilities In A Way Nobody Else Could!

What a beautiful friendship! It is amazing how much love, and happiness a friend can bring into a life. Watching this little girl, and her service dog, is the equivalent of watching two best friends that love each other so much, are truly loyal, and want only the best for each other. They are always there for each other, ready, and willing to sacrifice, and help in whatever way that is needed through the challenges of life with total dedication.

Bella has suffered with Morquio Syndrome since she was two years old it is a rare genetic disorder that attacks her healthy bone growth. So far there are treatments, but no cure for the syndrome. Because of this Bella had spent a lot of time in a wheel chair and on crutches. Until her Great Dane, service dog George came into her life. Since that time Bella has thrown the crutches down, and leaned on George to get around, and it is like she gathers strength through the unconditional love, and support he provides. After seeing the wonderful difference service dogs have made in the lives of veterans, it is safe to say service dogs save lives! In Bella’s case George has greatly enhanced the quality of life for her in so many ways. We look forward to seeing Bella’s life just get better and better.