Genius Comedian Tim Hawkins Gets Standing Ovation For Song He Writes For His Wife, It’s The Best!

Tim Hawkins has a way of taking the everyday things in life and showing them in a whole new very fun perspective. He has a way of making the simplest things hilarious. Like how he describes the comfortable routine couples get into after being together for a long while. Each spouse knows just what to do to support and help the other in the way that works best for them. The routine he describes after him and his wife have a party in this video is the best! He knows all a woman wants after she has gone all out, and entertained, is for someone to step up and help out with the clean up after, and he describes it beautifully. So precisely that he gets a standing ovation from all the women and even the men in the audience. Obviously they can relate. We really enjoyed this and were able to relate too. We’re also sure this is going to make your day too!