Flower Girl Quits Mid Ceremony And Has Guests Rolling On The Floor Laughing!

Anyone who has children knows they are both adorable, and unpredictable, and in this case unpredictable fits the description perfectly!
Katie and Tom Quirk’s wedding vows were being said on the beautiful water front of Albert Park Lake. Everything was going well and as planned, until Katie and Tom saw a 3 year old flash of white lightening run past. Chloe the flower girl was running for the water with her mum in hot pursuit, and to the peals of laughter from all the guests. The little girl suddenly decided she wanted to go for a swim, and nothing was going to stop her from ditching her flower girl duties and cooling off in the water. Chloe’s attentive mum caught her before she reached the water. This little girl’s spontaneous act injected some innocent humor into the couple’s ceremony, and made this video a fun must see.