Mind Blowing Fascinating Facts About Different Countries

As we all know, each country has its own unique little cultural quirks that people proudly embrace, as these are the things that add a dash of flavor to life. Some are incredibly mind blowing, to the point of making one pause for a second, shake their head saying, “Wait, what?”

For instance did you know that in Denmark, once you have reached the age of 25 and you’re still unmarried, there’s a chance that you’ll spend the entire day being showered with cinnamon by your friends? Or that in France on Nov 25 every year, a traditional celebration  is all 25 year old bachelorettes pray for husbands, and are required to wear outrageously decorative green (for wisdom) and yellow (for faith) hats on St. Catherine’s Day?

Whatever the strange custom or tradition is in your country, the wonderful thing about them is they bring in the zest of life. If we embrace the differences, they can certainly make life so much more fun, and interesting.