Every Women Needs To Hear And Know This About Herself!

 Many of us suffer from low self esteem because of the lies society has taught us, the opinions of others, or what we have believed. It says in the bible, Psalm 139:14 “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Believing you are anything less than perfect is wrong, comes from the enemy, and is usually delivered to us through society. Every women has the ability to change the world, if we only knew who we really are, believed in ourselves, and followed through. Every one of us can cause huge changes for the better. Every human is a child of God, and he makes no mistakes! You look the way you do for a special God given reason and purpose! 

When you find that purpose it is usually incredible, and your life suddenly makes sense.

An example of someone finding her purpose is Lizzie Velasquez the girl who was born very different looking, and was cruelly voted by 4 million people on the internet “Ugliest girl in the world.” (See her story here). Through that experience she actually discovered God’s plan for her life.  She went on and became an amazing inspirational speaker. She teaches people kindness, and to look beyond the physical, to see the real beauty, the whole person, not just our outer physical appearance, or the mass media’s definition of beauty. Today Lizzie has openly said, she is grateful God made her the way he did, because she can reach more people in a very profound way. She has caused wonderful changes in people’s hearts by the millions, all over the world. This video is THE TRUTH, because it clearly tells all women who you really are!  You are AMAZING!