Even Cerebral Palsy Couldn’t Stop These Twins From Making Their Ironman Dream A Reality!

Twin brothers Peder and Steen Mondrup arrived into this world 3 months premature. During delivery Peder suffered from a lack of oxygen causing Cerebral Palsy. Though he has spent most of his life in a wheel chair, it has not discouraged both Peder, and Steen from doing fun things together. The bond, and love between them shows very clearly in this video. It is a wonderful thing to see the great attitude they both have that is nothing is impossible. The brothers affectionately call themselves the twin team, and they really do make a great team. Peder and Steen have found creative ways to do the things they want, and are enjoying life to its fullest. Peder was the first person ever to complete an Ironman. What these two are doing together is truly a great example of the bonds of brotherly love, and a great model of inspiration for all people struggling to overcome obstacles. Congratulations on your Ironman Accomplishment Peder and Steen!