7 Yr Old’s Last Wish Saves His Mother And Two Other People’s Lives

Chen Xiaotian was a 7 year old cancer patient who suffered with a brain tumor for two years. Chen’s mother Zhou Lu also needed a kidney transplant and was suffering with Euremia. When doctors asked Chen’s grandmother to intercede and ask Zhou Lu if she would consider having her son’s kidney for a transplant she immediately refused. Chen however overheard and wanted her to have his kidney he even insisted, and was willing to die so he could save his mother. It was the boys dying wish. He persisted and she eventually agreed. She later expressed the thought that at least a part of him would always be with her. The mother and son made the most of every last moment they had together and when he passed she received his kidney. This little boys act of heroic unconditional love, has saved three peoples lives. Thanks to Chen two other donor recipients are also going to be living normal lives because of his loving kindness.