Hockey Player Is About To Be Part Of The Biggest Suprise For This Little Girl. #DreamsComeTrue

Duncan Keith is a Canadian born professional hockey player, who has been an Olympic Gold Medalist, and is an alternate captain of the NHL, Chicago Blackhawks. Duncan also has a heart of gold in this video that will bring happy to tears to most viewers eyes. The child also in this video named Cammy, is a huge Blackhawks fan, and she had a dream of scoring a goal assisted by her favorite hockey player Duncan Keith. Learning about her wish he steps in and makes this sweet little girls dream happen in the best way.

Cammy was born with Rett Syndrome which is a genetic disorder that usually affects girls occurring about 1 in 10,000. They usually have no verbal skills, and it is estimated 50% are unable to walk, and 80% suffer with seizures. They also endure growth failure, as well as many other symptoms and health difficulties. In spite of all her difficulties, this little girl is proof children with disabilities are truly a gift to others. Her happy squealing laughter is sure to make viewers smile as they watch Duncan assist Cammy in scoring her goal. This is one of the best, most touching moments many of us will ever witness. Duncan what you did here is wonderfully inspiring! Cammy thank you, for showing us what courage looks like, being such a precious gift to us all, and lighting up our day with your radiant little smile.