Drone Explores Medieval Castle With Mysterious and Tragic History!

This drone coverage is fascinating! These are the ruins of Menlo Castle which stands on the shores of the beautiful River Corrib, in County Galway, Ireland. This was once the home of Sir Valentine, the fourteenth baronet and his wife Lady Blake. Behind the the castle is the tiny village of Mionnloch.

The famous Castle was constructed in the year 1569, and was annihilated by a fire in 1910. The castle’s fire tragically claimed the life of three people. The castle owner’s daughter Ellen Blake was an invalid, and not even a trace of her bodily remains were ever found. Two servants also found themselves cornered, and were forced to leap off the roof or die from the fire. One servant died upon impact, the other was severely wounded and died later in hospital. A groom had been able to climb out his window, and down the ivy that had been growing on the walls even back then. He managed to escape death, but by that time Ellen’s apartment was hopelessly engulfed in flames. He then desperately tried to help the other two women but it was to no avail.

All that has been left standing are the stone walls, with much of it thickly blanketed in the once life saving ivy. If you have never been in a medieval castle, this birds-eye view is the next best thing to being there.

Credit to: galwaycinematograph