This Dog’s Reaction To Taking His Medicine Had Us Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

Denver the dog in this video had us rolling on the floor laughing. The expressions he makes when his owner says its time for his ear medicine are so expressive they’re hilarious! Denver knows he needs the medicine, and he is willing to take it as he inches closer to his owner with his tail wagging, but he is letting him know very clearly he doesn’t like that stuff one bit.

Denver’s guilty look and tail wagging says it all, “yep I did it and it was good.” Yet his owner’s tone instantly tells him he wasn’t supposed to eat the cat’s treats and he knows he should show some remorse. So Denver bares his teeth and hangs his head displaying the remorse he knows his owner expects from him. However given the opportunity we would bet money that Denver would do it all over again if he gets the chance. Denver is sweet, funny, and entertaining, and we hope he’s out of his time out disciplinary kennel quickly.