Doctors Give Real Advice On How To Stop Hair Loss.

Currently 80 million people are struggling with hair loss, and on average 2 billion dollars are spent trying to remedy this problem every year. Doctors say that hair loss can occur anytime after puberty, however for most people it usually tends to sneak up on them. The effect of that loss can be devastating especially for women. It can Leave both women, and men feeling less than whole, and sensitive to the subject. It affects their self esteem, confidence, and can cause feelings of being not good enough.

The first thing most doctors tell a person who is experiencing hair loss is to get their thyroid checked, as it tends to be the most common reason for hair loss. Also any nutritional deficiencies should be examined. Then the wonderful news is that there are treatments available, and progress has been made that is FDA approved and known to work.

Top 6 Treatments known to stop and reverse hair loss.
1. HairMax laser treatments.
2. Laser Comb, cost for a larger one $3,500.00 to $400.00 for a smaller comb.
3. FDA approved drugs available over the counter are Propecia (not for women.)
4. Rogain also known as minoxidil is for both men, and women.
5. Hair Transplant surgery.
6. LaserCap (information to get one is posted at the end of the video.)

The results of these treatments are exciting, and life changing for the many people who have tried them and have had success with them. For others this inspires new hope so make sure to always talk with your doctor first, explore, persevere, do your own research, and discover what is right for you.

DISCLAIMER: This article is meant for supplementation and should never replace the care of a physician. Before starting any new treatment please consult with your doctor.