Doctor Urges Mom Abort Baby It Won’t Live To Delivery! She Doesn’t & Instead Gets A Miracle!

Pregnant mom Sierra, and her husband Dustin Yoder were devastated to learn through an ultrasound that their baby had an Encephalocele. The baby’s brain was developing outside his skull. Doctors advised there was no chance of survival, and suggested she abort her baby. Thankfully Sierra just couldn’t go through with it. They then planned to have the baby, and had resigned them selves to the fact that they would certainly be burying him after his birth.

Sierra prayed and God answered her prayers by giving her a wonderful miracle. Their baby was born alive, kicking, and screaming much to the doctor’s surprise. The Yoder’s who had been told there was no hope for their baby were both shocked and overjoyed. Surgeons were later able to operate on Bently and place his brain inside his cranium. Now this sweet baby is living out a normal, happy childhood, with his adorable smile melting hearts everywhere. This story is such a great example of why we should never give up, or stop trying when it comes to the precious gift of life. We just never know what miracles God has planned for us.