Doctor Finds A Way For This Blind, Pregnant Mum, To See What Her Ultrasound Looks Like!

At 20 weeks pregnant, this 30 year old blind mum Tatiana, is having her ultrasound. She is so happy, and curious about what her baby looks like, that she asks the doctor to describe him to her. She is anxiously awaiting the day she will be able to feel, and even smell her son, because of her blindness her sense of smell, and touch are heightened. She knows the only way she will ever be able to see him, will be by using touch, and her imagination. The doctor realizing this gets a great idea as he describes the baby to Tatiana, as she continues to try so hard to imagine her baby.

As it turns out Tatiana is in for a wonderful surprise she never expected. She will like other women after all, get to see her ultrasound, or rather feel her baby’s features before he is even born. In just 15 minutes the doctor surprises her with a 3 Dimensional print bearing the image of her baby’s face, with a heading printed above it in braille saying, “I am your son.” Tatiana got to meet her baby Murillo, in such a beautiful, and unique way, by stroking his precious face, while he is still lovingly being cradled in her womb. Any woman who has had an ultrasound can relate that it is an incredibly important moment for a mum, and for Tatiana to have it so well preserved for her is truly precious.