Disfigured & Abandoned At Birth, His Future Was Bleak, But God Had Other Plans For Him!

Jono Lancaster’s life story is enough to make the average person say I thought I had problems, but mine are nothing compared to this mans. Jono suffers with a rare condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome. The syndrome effects the person’s appearance, facial bones and tissue, sight, breathing and hearing. Jono was only 36 hours old, a new born infant, when he experienced the most heart breaking ultimate rejection, that of his parents abandoning him. During his life he has also been bullied, felt isolated, and has endured being stigmatized because of his appearance.

Everything turned around for Jono when he reached out to others suffering with the same syndrome. He decided to share his story, and go public, giving support, and helping them cope. Jono realized God doesn’t make mistakes, he was made the way he is for a reason, and a purpose, and that God had an awesome plan for his life, with that in mind he learned to love, and accept himself, and is now teaching others to do the same. When he made the decision to love, and accept himself his life changed in the best ways possible, and continues to get better, and better. Jono is now travelling all over the world inspiring and helping others, and the satisfaction of helping others in his unique way is the best reward in the world to him.