A Deputy Helps A Homeless Man, 6 Months Later He Gets A Call And The Surprise Of His Life!

This story shows humanity at its best! When Deputy Matt Holman, of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, encountered Robert Morris he was wandering around alone at night so he stopped and questioned him. Robert humbly answered the officers questions, telling him about the hardships he had been struggling with. The tragedies, loss of family, addictions to alcohol, and drugs all had contributed to his becoming homeless. The Deputy sat and talked with Robert treating him with kindness, compassion, and the dignity every human deserves especially those that are struggling in life. He helped Robert in every way he could by getting him food, and even giving him his own Bible when Robert mentioned he wanted one. It seems Robert knew he needed a relationship with The Lord, and had already begun seeking him, when Matt came along just at the right time to help him.

Six months later Robert called Matt, and told him about the powerful impact their encounter had made on his life. Everything had turned around for Robert. It is amazing to see how God can turn our most horrible situations around for the good when we turn to him. Mr. Holman you are a credit to your profession, and an example of what it means to truly be of service to others, congratulations on a job Well Done!