Daughter Who Was Stolen and Sold At Birth Finds Her Birth Mother

Watching this video is both touching and bittersweet, when you take into account the tragic loss these people have endured. The Hick’s babies were a group of 200 newborn babies, that were illegally taken from their families in Georgia. The priceless babies were sold in to adoption for $800. to $1000. by Dr. Hicks. His repulsive selling of black market babies was done from 1950 to 1965. He forged the baby’s birth records making it impossible for them to ever find their biological families, and effectively covering up his evil deeds. He was never caught, and managed to escape justice when he died in 1972.

Thanks to DNA analysis, and matching, some of the grown up babies like Christie Hughes have managed to find their parents and family members. Watch Christie as she is on her way to meet the family, you can see she’s so excited she just can’t get to her mother and brother fast enough. The excitement and emotions she feels are written all over her face, as she gets down to the last two minutes before their reunion. Watching this family reunited and beginning to heal, was a special privilege for us. Their story brought more than a couple tears to our eyes. We here at Faithreel.com wish all these families joy and happiness in their new lives together. God Bless!