Her Daughter Was Murdered, Now This Mom Is On A Mission To Save Others. Everyone Should See This!

Some people have the ability to quickly take the sourest lemons that life can throw at them, and turn them into lemonade for their own benefit and that of others. This is exactly what Sharon Love did after the worst tragedy a mother can endure happened to her. Sharon Love was the mother of Yeardley Love a beautiful 22 year old. Four years ago Yeardley was found by police after she was beaten to death by her boyfriend. Not long after her death Sharon decided to turn this negative situation around, and not allow her daughters death to be in vain.

In honor of Yeardley’s memory she established the One Love Foundation. One of the foundations primary aims is to provide awareness about relationship abuse. They assist victims, family, and fellow friends, in understanding the risk of harm in a situation, through their App. Their free App helps a person identify signs of when they are at risk of becoming a victim of violence. It also includes an action plan to help them get to safety.

Relationship abuse is everywhere and effects all classes of people nobody is immune! The statistics for relationship violence are incredibly high. 1 in every 3 women experience this violence. According to the United States Department of Justice in Sept of 2014 they reported 2,100,000 women are physically assaulted by a male each year. 503,485 Women are stalked by their intimate partner every year. To some people this may just seem like a lot of numbers but relationship violence effects all of society. It costs the U.S. government 5.8 billion dollars in health care, 37% of the abused women end up in hospital emergency rooms.(1) The effects carry on generationally, often the children are also being abused and without interventions abuse cycles continue. More than 6 million kids witness domestic violence every year.  40% of teenage girls know someone in their age group that has been abused by a boyfriend.

The video from the Love Foundation depicts the all too familiar situation many women are in as victims, and suffering while others know, and do nothing out of fear, ignorance, and confusion.The app gives everyone an opportunity to take action.

Relationship violence tends to escalate during the holidays. The Domestic Violence Action Center has reported abuse increases 22% at Thanksgiving and for days after, 17% at Christmas, and a whopping 32% on New Years.(2)  This is why it is especially important to know about this App right now. Please share this information and App with every woman you know, prevention is key, it could save their lives, and even family.  The One Love Foundation App can be found here.

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