A 16 Year Old Whose Wisdom Will Truly Surprise You

Pregnant at 16 this young lady with hopes and dreams never thought an unexpected event would change her life so much. Then she got a message from her doctor that changed her outlook forever. Darby’s immediate thought was not what the doctor’s was. Darby knew she had three options to consider: be a mom, have an abortion, or put her child up for adoption.

Then her doctor imparted some of her 20 years of experience and professional wisdom that surprised her! She told her most women who have an abortion have regrets, but none of the mother’s who chose to have their baby, even with obstacles regretted having their child.

Life is a beautiful gift Darby soon comes to learn, and it should never be taken for granted. As she gazes at the baby snuggled in her arms with adoring eyes, she realizes that she’s found love, joy, and purpose in her life. Life might sometimes surprise us when we least expect it, take us somewhere we never really wanted to go, but the journey always teaches us something new.

In the context of this particular story, things happen in life we don’t always have control of, but God has a purpose and plan, and he is in control. God knows the end results of our actions even though we have been given free will, and if we follow his laws a lot of hard consequences can be avoided. How do we know when the best time to have a baby is? The truth is we really never know, but God does, and if he gives a baby life who are we to argue that in the end it’s not what we need, or is best.! God is the only one who can turn our negative situations into positives. God’s plans are usually far more magnificent than we can ever imagine, in the end his wish is good for us, and to have life abundantly.

John 10:10 “A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy; I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.(NAB)

If you or someone you know is struggling with a new pregnancy, or the after affects of abortion, take heart there is compassionate non-judgmental help available. Contact your local pregnancy center, or your local Social and family service agency, for a referral to your local resources.