Father Pulls A Gun Refusing To Let Hospital Pull Plug On His Son, Then His Son Shocks Them All!

George Pickering’s son had endured seizures and a massive stroke. The hospital had ordered a “terminal wean” to slowly remove life support saying he was brain dead. The hospital had even gone so far as to contact an organ donation organization and let them know about their donor. However in a desperate move to save his son George pulled a gun at the hospital and a 3 hour standoff ensued. During that time his son squeezed his dad’s hand 3 times on demand, letting him know he was far from a vegetable or brain dead for that matter. Thankfully this father did not give up on his son, the dad was desperate to protect his son and should never have had to go so far as to pull a gun.

This story reminded us of the story of Colleen Burns in 2009 who had been pronounced brain dead. However she opened her eyes shocking doctors just before they were about to remove her organs for donor transplant. With the surge of euthanasia that has been becoming more common in the world we pray that doctors, nurses, and people will give life every chance possible, and not give up on people quickly without exhausting every option. When people are dying or in a state like George’s son time should be taken and people should not be rushed, because we just never know what kind of miracle can happen, the decision is irreversible, and all life is precious.