Dad Plays Baby A Lullaby & What Happens Next Took Our Breath Away!

When 5 month old Samuel couldn’t sleep because of an ear infection his father David Motola strapped him into his baby carrier, sat down with him, and played him this beautiful and soothing lullaby. David played him his own arrangement of the timeless classic, “Brahm’s Lullaby.” Within a moment of starting to play Samuel visibly relaxes, yawns, then drifts right off into a peaceful slumber. This video is such a sweet, and affectionate show of a fathers love for his baby, that it brought a tear to our eyes, and is melting hearts all over the world.

Music has always been a passion for David since he was a child. He has been playing for 12 years, and as hard as it is to believe he is self taught. He loves inspiring people with his music, and he has his own Youtube Channel, the Bearded Piano. When we spotted this video we just loved it, and we know our viewers will too. David doesn’t have a CD out yet, just the lullaby. It can be found at . We here at wish you much success David!