Cute Kids With Down Syndrome Ad Is Banned In France As It Could, “Disturb Consciences.”

If freedom of speech is not something you have ever paid much attention to, or have taken for granted, you just might want to pay a little more attention in the future! As we watch censorship and political correctness sweep across nations, people have become more, and more intimidated to speak up, and say what their beliefs are, and what is actually real truth. The bullying is ridiculous, if someone doesn’t agree they automatically are labeled a hater and ganged up on. Offending someone is just the worst thing in the world today. Never mind that people have been getting offended since the beginning of time and it will continue. Sooner or later we all offend someone, or get offended it happens in life. The lessons we should be getting from it are to respect each other and forgive. Learn to work things out, let go of anger instead of holding on to it, grow and become stronger and eventually heal. Learning to cope and heal is the key to why, what is going on in France is such a disservice to women. Censorship which is exactly what I am talking about takes away the opportunity to talk about the issue of abortion and babies with Down syndrome.

What is happening in France with this viral ad is tragic, when you look at the fact that 86% of babies with Down Syndrome are being aborted. The video addresses common fears a woman has with having a child with Down Syndrome. It is meant to reassure women that having a baby with Down Syndrome isn’t a bad thing at all. After all a baby is a baby, or have the members of France’s Council of State forgotten that? They are responsible for actually banning this viral and sweetly reassuring video. It has helped women to embrace, accept, and love their child, instead of fearing for their future, and possibly making the biggest mistake of their lives. They banned the video so that it wouldn’t “disturb the conscience” of the French women who had aborted their babies with Down Syndrome.

The Council should reevaluate this ban, if women’s consciences are bothering them then maybe it is a sign of a bigger problem, and they might want to explore seeking professional help not brushing the issue under a rug. Post Abortion Stress Syndrome affects a lot of women, and once a woman realizes the truth, that it wasn’t just a clump of cells, many women regret their decisions later and suffer terribly. Dr Teresa Burke PhD founded Rachel’s Vineyard, has years of experience in this field, and has seen this first hand.

Women aren’t always being told everything before aborting, they are finding things out the hard way, and in the end often feel betrayed and alone. Women can suffer from PTSD, depression, feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, and be fearful about revealing having had an abortion so they suffer in silence. They have a hard time processing their grief, and don’t talk about their experience keeping them trapped in grief, anger, and pain. The very thing this ban is trying to spare these women from by this censorship is the type of action that helps to keep them feeling isolated, stigmatized, and not talking. Free speech has to happen for these women to process their feelings and heal. Now with censorship like this what specific industry benefits? Who are they really serving? In the long run it’s definitely not the moms, or babies with Downs Syndrome, or those who love freedom of expression and freedom of speech!

In closing that reminded us of a quote by Augustine of Hippo, “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”