Couple Wed In Hospital Cherish Every Moment Of The Few Days Of Marriage They’ll Ever Have.

A couple in Houstin are determined to get the most out of the few days of married life they will ever have together. Sonya is dying from a rare and untreatable condition with only days to live. However her fiancee, Patrick O’Connor wasn’t about to let her go home to The Lord without marrying her, and showing her just how appreciated and loved she is.

Their insight and wisdom in this situation is profound and full of honest emotions. Looking back on their lives they both see how quickly life can fly by, how fragile, and precious it is, and that in the end all that really matters is love. In The Bible it says to love God, and your neighbor, this is the greatest commandment of all, and that is what this couple has done so perfectly. In her transition these two cling to each other in love and support in a way that is so touching to see. While death is looming Sonya is unafraid, and has a grace, and peace about her that only the combination of love, faith, and a complete trust in God’s will can bring. This is truly one of the most beautiful love stories we have come across. We had to get the tissues a few times, but having the privilege of looking into the story of their lives was well worth it. We here at pray for healing, strength, and peace for this family in their difficult times. God Bless you Sonya, Patrick, and family.