Could Wi-Fi Be Making People Sick? A Doctor Believes It Is, And Says There’s Strong Evidence!

According to Dr. David Carpenter 5% of our population is feeling ill with unexplained symptoms, and don’t know why, or what is causing them. Suaznne Hoyt was not experiencing that until she installed Wi-Fi. As CBS News reports, after installing Wi-Fi in her residence Suzanne started to have explainable health issues. She began experiencing numerous symptoms like, “brain fog, headaches, excessive perspiration, jaw pain, and a feeling of her heart physically expanded,” making her everyday life a constant state of discomfort.

Apparently Susan is not alone according to Dr. Carpenter, Director of University of Albany’s Institute for Health, & Environment has stated that she is part of 5% of the population that is suffering with illness believed to be connected to Wi-Fi, many unaware of the source of their problem. It’s called Wi-Fi sensitivity, and Dr. Carpenter says that, “there is a link with strong scientific evidence, that this is a real syndrome, that causes real harm to people.”