Cop Gets An Invitation He Just Can’t Refuse From A 3 Year Old Whose Life He Saved!

A Dallas Police officer named, Patrick Ray answered a 911 call, and found 22 month old Bexley Norvell choking on something. He managed to clear her airway of the penny that had blocked it and saved her life. A year later to commemorate the event of her little girl’s life being saved, Tammy Norvell, and her daughter Bexley, invited officer Ray to the tea party seen in the video.The pictures of the tea party are absolutely stunning.

Officer Ray recalls her cries after he had rescued her saying, they were the most beautiful sounds he had ever heard in his life. Bexley and Patrick have become the best of friends with a special bond, and it is such a beautiful thing to watch. We look forward to seeing more celebrations like this one in the future, as this friendship will surely continue over the years.