Cop Finds Desperate Parents Panhandling With A Sick Baby And His Response? Is Awesome!

When the parent’s of a sick baby needing heart surgery got the news they had to travel to get their daughter the heart surgery she needed they were devastated. The insurance company would only pay for the mother and baby to travel, and the baby’s father would have to stay home. If there was a chance something could go wrong the loving father wanted to be with his baby too. Desperate to stay together in a traumatic time the parent’s began panhandling, and just as quickly someone called the police on them. When officer Luis Hernandez of the Albuquerque Police Dept. answered the call, he didn’t judge the desperate couple clinging to their two year old baby in cold weather trying to raise the money quickly.

As it turned out Luis had been there himself, and his fellow officers had stepped up and helped him, now he felt it was his turn to return the favor for someone else. The officer showed real concern for his fellow human and once fully aware of the circumstances showed compassion and took steps to help them. The beautiful thing about the situation was the genuine concern, and understanding of the officer, by taking the father to the bus station and buying him the bus ticket, he relieved the families burden and anxiety. He deffused some of the trauma from the situation. Luis Wanted nothing in return other than the news of how the child was doing after the surgery. The kind generosity of officer Fernandez in this situation is exemplary that’s for sure. Officer you are a credit to your profession. Well done!