Cop Fearfully Recoils After This Hilarious, Up Close Rescue, Of An Angry Baby Skunk!

This had us on the edge of our seats in a combination of suspense, fear, and chuckling!

A brave Detroit police officer named, Merlin Taylor came to the rescue of a baby skunk in Rochester, Mich. The skunk had gotten its head stuck in a yogurt container, and was frantically running around in circles on the road, and was desperately trying to get free. How the officer managed to not get sprayed is what amazes us. Merlin’s cautious anticipation, and agility, definitely saved him from the skunks spray of angry wrath. We must admit it

is funny to watch as he desperately jumps away from the ungrateful, spraying skunk. This gave us an appreciation of some of the unpredictable situations that the police have to deal with. We are glad both the officer, and the skunk came out of this unscathed.