“Slap Her,” See These Boys Reactions.

When these boys are put in front of a camera with a pretty girl, and are asked to carry out certain actions, they go along as the happy kids they are, until they are told to, “slap her.”

Their candid, instant reactions say it all. “NO, I won’t do that”! When they are asked, “why not”? Their answers are all similar, “because she is a girl, I am a man, I am against violence, it is bad.” Their responses were so profound, and appropriate, it brought tears to my eyes, and a smile. We all have a wonderful thing called a conscience and these kids are wise enough to listen to theirs, and they know what is right, and wrong, and are doing the right thing. Their beliefs about Jesus not wanting us to hit each other, and being against violence are beautifully said. In this world where violence against women has become such a huge global problem, the parents of these boys surely must be very proud of them. Well done little men!