Coast Guard Rescues Baby After She Floats 1 Kilometer Out To Sea In An Inflatable Crib While Parents Sunbathed!

In the town of Kucukkuyo, on the Aegean Sea, the parent’s of 10 month old Melda Ilgin placed her in a floatation toy, and settled down to relax on the beach. While sunbathing they didn’t notice little Melda drifting out to sea, propelled by the current and strong wind. When her horrified parents realized what had happened she was a full kilometer out to sea. People tried to swim out, and rescue her, but the currents were too strong.

The coast guard was called, and came to little Melda’s rescue. Fortunately Melda fell asleep, was blissfully unaware, and found peacefully floating around. This beautiful baby’s guardian angel must have been working overtime that day! It is a frightening thought of what could have happened if she had woken up and tried to get out of the flotation device, sprung a leak, or if a shark had been around. It is dangerous to not pay full attention when children are in the water, just a few minutes can be tragic! This is a great reminder for parents to watch kids closely when they are in the water.