Coach’s Visit Inspires Teen To Fight Terminal Cancer And Reach For His Dreams!

Kevin Massey was a healthy athletic 16 year old with a bright future ahead of him, and his dream for his future was to go to UK. Then suddenly in February 2010 Kevin woke up unable to move. While in hospital the diagnosis was terminal brain cancer, and at one point it was estimated he had 24 hours to live.

Meanwhile the coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, John Calipari got a call from his former assistant telling him about Kevin’s condition. John filled with compassion went to see Kevin the next day. By the grace of God the visit was just what Kevin needed to raise his spirits, and encourage him to fight for his life. John’s visit inspired Kevin to realize God had a plan for him to overcome this obstacle, to be victorious, and to continue to reach for his dream. Kevin being the fighter he is took the maximum radiation treatment, then walked out of the hospital 40 days after. Now Kevin, John, and the Kentucky Wildcat’s team share a wonderful bond at UK where Kevin is a student manager.

Kevin you have achieved a truly great accomplishment, you’re proof that miracles are real, and a wonderful inspiration to us all!