No Arms, No Legs, You’ve Got To Hear His Story. So Inspiring!

Born without legs, or arms Clay Dyer is a professional angler who from childhood has refused to allow what other people perceive to be his disabilities to hold him back, or limit him in any way. He has a small appendage for a right arm, and he always manages to figure out a way to do what he wants without special equipment. This man is an inspiration, living life to it’s fullest doing everything he desires.

“I never wanted to be treated special, I never treated myself special. I wanted to do with one hand, what everybody else does with two.” 

Watching him fish is awe inspiring, especially the way he casts his rod, using his teeth to unhook fish, and change the lures. I was amazed that he actually ties knots with his tongue!

Clay has a great attitude and acceptance of his uniqueness. Stating “I am this way on purpose, God does not make mistakes.” His attitude is an attitude, of gratitude. After he catches a fish listen closely to what he says, it’s touching!