Chad Prather Uses A $20 Bill To Illustrate A Human’s Self Worth? And It Makes Perfect Sense!

The message Chad Prather is sharing in this video is very true, and the way he illustrates it using a $20 bill makes it an interesting lesson. It is that every human being no matter what has been done to them, or they have done to themselves, has worth beyond measure. The inherent dignity, and worth of a child of God is in every human being, and cannot be separated from them. Every human has made mistakes, and will make more. A person’s past does not devalue them regardless of what’s in it. Every person should realize nobody is perfect, repent, forgive others, and forgive themselves, let go of the past, and just strive to do your best. This was a thought provoking, great message, that we were happy to pass on to our valued, and very worthy readers!